Take your book’s photography from average to AWESOME.

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profile portrait of girl with pink background and image of boy landing in a pool on his back
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The Yearbook Photo Mentorship is an online membership program tailored specifically for yearbook photography. It’s all about helping you navigate the ins and outs of photography and helping your students become confident and creative photographers.

Targeted Resources

Photography tutorials and trainings (anchored by a core Foundations series that walks through the basics of exposure, composition, light, and story). Live q/a sessions. A collaborative resource library. Plus opportunities to participate in critique sessions, editing sessions, and photo challenges.

A Knowledgeable Guide

You’re partnering with a photo instructor and photographer who “gets” yearbook…the ins and outs, the unique challenges and opportunities. Jonah Fisher has nearly 15 years of experience in photography and spent 9 years as the adviser of a nationally-awarded high school publication.

A Supportive Community

Say “so long” to flying solo. You’re connecting with a community that will support you, encourage you, challenge you, and inspire you. Tap into the collective wisdom of the YPM family for that all-important creative boost or for help correcting course when things aren’t going as planned.

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Game-changer. Difference-maker. Defining impact…

…for your book.

A better photographer means better images. Better images mean better storytelling in your book. And better storytelling means a higher quality publication, which ultimately means a better experience for your readers. And having more skilled photographers on your team can lead to more student-ownership of the book, helping you fill your pages with student-produced images rather than images from outside sources. 

…for your students.

Direction. Momentum. Freedom. Your staff members will become more confident and creative as they learn to master the camera. They’ll be able to get the images they want rather than having to settle for what they get. And no more stumbling through DIY photo education, struggling to connect the dots and fill in the gaps. YPM members have access to a solid plan giving the exact steps a photographer should take to maximize their growth.

…for you.

You don’t have to fully master a major skill (unless you want to!). Your students get the instruction and guidance that they need, and you get the resources and support that you need. Structured photography training, q/a support, and ready-to-use resources for you and your staff give you freedom to focus your attention on the things you do best and love most. Wherever you may find yourself on this photography journey, the Yearbook Photo Mentorship can help you reach your next destination.

Choose your membership option.


$697 / yr

(billed annually)

2 User Accounts*
1 Adviser + 1 general staff

Core Photography Course
Covers the basics of Exposure, Composition, Light, and Story

Training Session Library
Individual training/workshop sessions (new sessions added quarterly)

Success Roadmap
A guide that maps out the photographer’s journey

Resource Library

Direct Q&A Support
Custom video responses + a searchable library

40% Discount on Private Coaching**


$997 / yr

(billed annually)

Everything in Core, plus…

Up to 10 User Accounts*

2 Hours of Private Coaching
40% discount on additional sessions**


$1997 / yr

(billed annually)

Everything in Elite, plus…

Unlimited User Accounts

Monthly Critique
Expert feedback on up to 8 images / month

10 Goal-setting Sessions
15-minute 1-on-1 session at the beginning of the year for a student photographer

10 Growth Sessions
15-minute 1-on-1 session during the year for a student photographer

Priority Support
Exclusive communication channel (guaranteed response within 24 hours)

*Add additional user accounts for $25/user (discounts available for multiple accounts)
**Standard rate for private (virtual) coaching/consulting is $125/hr (1-hour minimum)

basketball player doing a layup and student climbing a ropes course pole
marching band guitarist dressed as spiderman in a performance
an image of a boy's legs in braces and an image of a girl getting splashed with water

So what about           ? I’m glad you asked!

What kind of topics are covered in the lessons?

Your membership has a Photo Foundations course built-in, and it’s designed to get any new photographer up to speed on the four pillars of exposure, composition, light, and story. The additional training sessions will expand on those areas as well as hit some general topics (action photography, portraits, lenses, editing, etc). And I want to teach what you want to learn, so I’m always open to requests from YPM members.

Is this a curriculum where I lead my students through each lesson?

You can be as involved or as hands-off as you like! The teaching sessions are set up to be completely self-guided, so the burden of instruction is not on your shoulders. That being said, if you prefer to lead more hands-on then you can certainly take that approach.

Is this just a series of videos to watch?

Nope! The photo training sessions are in video form (though I suppose you could just listen if that’s your preference) but you’ll also have access to prompts for practicing newly-learned skills, q/a support, and additional ready-to-use resources for you and your staff.

Do I have to purchase individual accounts for each of my students or can they share access?

Your students can definitely tag-team! If you decide to go with the minimum 2 accounts, one would be for you and the other could be tied to a generic e-mail address that all your staff can share (e.g. yearbookstaff@gmail.com). However, individual accounts would allow them to track their own progress as they work through the training sessions.

Can I add additional user accounts beyond what's included?

You bet! Add-ons are $25/user (with discounts available for adding multiple accounts).

Who is YPM for?

YPM is for you if…
…you know photography is important but don’t know where to go next.
…your current method of photo instruction involves pointing your students to youtube and hoping for the best.
…you want to make photography more of a focus but don’t have time to master a new skill.
…you’re ready for your book to showcase more student-produced images and rely less on professional or crowdsourced images.
…you / your students have taken the beginning steps of the photography journey and want to go deeper.

Is there a time commitment for the membership and can I cancel at any time?

The membership is valid for one year and can be renewed annually. Your license to use the products / services provided in YPM remains active as long as you are a member. You can cancel your membership at any time before your next renewal. If you cancel within 14 days of your initial order, you’ll be fully refunded. If you cancel after 14 days, your payment is non-refundable, and you will continue to have access to all membership benefits until the end of your contracted term. But you know, I’m confident the membership will provide you so much value that you wouldn’t even consider canceling (but if you do, let’s chat first to see if we can sort out whatever might be driving the decision).

I’m all in! How do I sign up?

Now that’s what I like to hear! I’m guessing we need to work through an invoicing process, so you can click any of the “join” buttons to get that process started. You’ll be kicked over to a short questionnaire, and you’ll simply fill that out to generate your customized purchase request form (e-mailed to you within 24 hours) that you can present to your administrator.
Once the request is approved, simply e-mail me a copy and I will send you a final invoice to submit to your purchasing agent. At that time you will also receive Adviser access to the online membership hub. Once the invoice is processed and payment is received, access for additional users will be provided.

I don’t think we’re quite ready to join YPM, but we could definitely use some personal guidance! Can we book a consulting session?

Absolutely! My standard rate for private (virtual) coaching/consulting is $125/hr (1-hour minimum).
For details on booking, just send an e-mail to jonah@yearbookphotomentor.com

I still have more questions…what are my options?

You’re thorough…I like it! Feel free to drop an e-mail to jonah@yearbookphotomentor.com, or better yet, how about a little (virtual) face-to-face time? I’d love to connect on a short Zoom session to dig a little deeper into the details of YPM. It’s 15 minutes, it’s free, and I have a feeling you’ll probably be able to slip in a photo question or two during our chat. ;)

Ready to lean into the journey and level up your photography?